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Lemmings Clones

Lemmini - Volker Oth / 0xdeadbeef

Screenshot of Lemmini

Lemmini is a Java clone of Lemmings for Windows but with the original Lemmings music and an improved game engine and interface. In order to play this clone, you must have a copy of Lemmings for Windows, from which Lemmini can extract graphics and sound effects.

Lemmix Clone - Eric Langedijk / EricLang

Lemmix Clones are Lemmings, Oh No! More Lemmings, and Holiday 93 clones for Windows. These clones attempt to be very similar to the DOS versions of Lemmings; however, they also feature replay and fast-forward.

Lemmings++ - SimonN

Screenshot of Lemmings++

Lemmings++ is an open-source Lemmings clone. It is the first and only clone to feature networked multiplayer — up to 8 players. (Downloads are mirrored here.)

Lix - SimonN

Lix (also on github) is the continued development of Lemmings++ without using art or sounds from the official games.

Tundra - Covox

Screenshot of Tundra

Tundra is an open-source clone of Lemmings written in Python. It requires a copy of Lemmings or Oh No! More Lemmings for DOS to play.

Lemmings DS - Matt Kamineko

Lemmings DS is an open-source clone of Lemmings for the Nintendo DS. There is also a Lemmings DS level editor.

PocketLemmings - Johannes Zeppenfeld / zennehoy

PocketLemmings is a Lemmings clone designed for Pocket PCs. For those of us without PocketPCs, there is a Windows version as well.

DHTML Lemmings - Tino Zijdel / crisp

Screenshot of DHTML Lemmings

DHTML Lemmings is, as the name states, a clone of Lemmings in DHTML. This clone has been discontinued by its author and is somewhat incomplete -- the gameplay is very well done, but only the first ten levels from each difficulty are available.

Cheapo - Peter Spada / Essman

Cheapo Copycat Game is a Lemmings clone that does not attempt to exactly copy the original game engine, but instead adds some interesting features. Although Cheapo is very customizable, it's a bit buggy. (Sorry, no downloads.)

Copycat - Peter Spada / Essman

A Copycat Game is extinct.